Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance Program

QSS utilizes an integrated system of activities that take into account quality control, quality assessment, reporting, and quality improvement to ensure highest value to customers. We focus on the deliverables and the process to produce them and work toward ensuring that those processes are fully in compliance with established standards, documented plans, and procedures.

QSS places the priority on documenting, monitoring and improving standardized processes. Our corporate quality assurance guidelines ensure that all QSS contracts and task orders are managed with effective and efficient quality procedures. These guidelines specify formal quality checks on all processes, and procedures and ensure that our SeaPort-e customers receive the highest quality services and deliverables, while mitigating risk.

For SeaPort-e contracts, QSS monitors and assess to maximize quality to ensure that our personnel actively implement effective quality management procedures. Quality assurance is an integral part of our management process; in maintaining quality assurance standards, we recognize the interaction of several factors:

• Quality of personnel assigned to the project
• Controlling timeliness and cost of each work activity
• Detection and elimination of issues through ongoing audits and reviews
• Continuous review and improvement of processes and services

QSS also has a strong commitment to maintaining projects on schedule and within budget. To ensure that quality is not compromised, we:

• Plan for review and revision of deliverables during the initial development of tasks and throughout our performance
• Employ and retain highly qualified personnel
• Reference the original project or task objectives and plans when performing quality reviews

Customer Satisfaction

QSS considers customer satisfaction as a priority and an important performance indicator in our quality management process. Satisfaction is measured through informal day-to-day communication and formally via performance reviews. We offer a schedule of regular and routine meetings with the appropriate government representatives (frequency to be determined by the individual stakeholder) to facilitate ongoing communication regarding our performance and project status.