Staffing Options

Temporary/Contract Staffing
Quality Staffing chooses temporary employees from our talent base of fully-tested, referenced, background checked candidates who come to us seeking full-time employment. Our “Hire Standard” is your assurance that the person you bring into your environment for a day is also worth hiring for a career.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing Options
Temp-to-Hire offers maximum flexibility and gives everyone time to be sure the fit is perfect. 85% of Quality Staffing’s employees are hired as full-time employees because our basic standards are so high. You reap the risk-free rewards and achieve the cost-effect results you want.

Direct Hire Staffing Services
Quality Staffing places qualified and skilled people on whatever rung of the ladder your company requires. We help you pinpoint WHAT you need: the exact skills, personality, and experience you require for your business. We evaluate the “intangibles” best suited for your environment. We know WHERE to find top talent, HOW to check past performance and develop an understanding of their objectives… and WHEN to move quickly.

Payroll Services
With our payroll service program, workers receive full payroll deductions (workers comp, unemployment, social security and all other mandatory payroll deductions). We provide a weekly paycheck, direct deposit, and end of year W-2’s. You find the talent – we handle their payroll! In addition, we can provide employee benefits if you plan to retain them long term.