We offer more than new job opportunities – we offer Benefits!

Weekly Pay

We want to put your money into your hands as soon as possible. That is why we pay our staffing employees weekly. The key to getting your money is to be sure that your timesheet is correct and approved on time so that your hours can be processed promptly.

Direct Check Deposit

Enjoy the convenience of direct deposit of your paycheck into your checking account each week. If you do not have a checking or savings account, you can use your own Pay Card that has portability, meaning it can be loaded via ACH by us and others. Or, we can issue you a Global Cash Card. For the Direct Deposit form please visit;

Paid Sick Leave

Eligible employees will accrue approximately one hour of paid sick leave every 40 hours of regular time worked. Eligible employees may use accrued sick time once the employee has completed 80 hours of work for Quality. Temporary workers who are eligible can use no more than 40 hours of sick leave in each calendar year. You must notify your QSS supervisor prior to the absence and be employed by QSS at the time paid sick leave is requested to qualify.

Holiday Pay

To qualify for Holiday Pay, staffing employees must have worked 1975 hours (excluding overtime) in the past 12 months from the date of the holiday. Holiday pay is based on your rate at the time of the holiday. Recognized holidays – New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

Referral Bonuses

As an incentive for you to refer your friends, neighbors, and family members who you feel would make good employees, we offer you a bonus to give them our name! The bonus will be paid after the person referred has worked required hours. We are proud that our number one source of qualified applicants comes from personal referrals. These are people who know and trust our reputation for success.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan And Trust – (ESOP)

Becoming an owner of Quality Staffing Specialists “Company” does not cost you anything. An ESOP is a retirement plan under ERISA laws and is similar to a 401K plan. It is designed to help provide you with a retirement income. You become eligible to participate in the ESOP after you have worked 1,000 hours in your anniversary year, which is a 12 month period from your first day of work or any anniversary year thereafter. To be eligible to receive stock, you must work 1000 or more hours in a plan year and be employed at the end of the plan year. Participating Employees in the ESOP receive an annual statement of their account.


After 1 year of service with at least 1000 hours worked you may qualify to participate in our 401(k) retirement plan.